Thursday, 22 January 2015

Colour test for Wych Cult and WIPs

Here is a rough colour test for my new Wych cult colour scheme. It's an incomplete messy paint job but I wanted to test out a new idea I had to add some variety to my army.


Big change from the original colour scheme (see wyches from my previous post) but I wanted to play to the Dark Eldar back story and have clear differences between the Kabalite, Cult and Coven elements of my army. That said, by using variations of the same three colours, the different factions should blend in together on the table to provide a common look and feel.

The three distinct schemes for the various elements of my Dark Eldar are:

  • Kabalites: Magenta (clean) primary, Turquoise secondary, off-white tertiary
  • Wyches: Turquoise primary, Magenta secondary, off-white tertiary
  • Coven: Magenta (dirty/rusted) primary, off-white secondary, Turquoise tertiary

Here's a shot of the palette for the wyches showing the colour steps.

Something else I'm happy with is the new colour for my bases. I've changed from a generic "dirt" to a "red center" outback kind of look. I wanted something to differentiate my models and what better way than incorporating a classic part of Australia into the look and feel. It's a great colour that really pops and is easy to theme.

With my decision made on the Wych cult colour scheme I can now move on to planning the execution of my Reavers and Razorwing which (wych?) are pretty close to painting stage.

Other items on my desk (below) from left to right: Raider crew, Talos parts, Razorwing parts, Razorwing base (and just behind it are some bits I'm going to build into the base), Wych colour test model to tidy up and finish and lastly a Haemonculus. Lot's of projects on the go!

To finish off, here's a WIP shot of my Talos. The carapace and mask show the "dirty/rusted" feel I'm going for. I made a mistake and airbrushed the armour on the arm the same as my kabalites... I'll need to rescue this somehow to make the model look uniform. More on that another time!

Cheers and be excellent to each other!


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